Historical Signal
A time, was called ”Snap dog” what means “dog release” and the name was appropriated, then, when it was used for the hunting the wild rabbit. These, exiting from a gorge in order to enter in an other, incredible speed completes its movements with one, changing direction continuously: stop it is therefore the most difficult task and that it demands phenomenal speeds and agilities in the dog placed to the hunting. The Whippet was excellent in this and constituted a great pleasure for the public who comes numerous to assist to the tests.

These hunting “Rabbit cursing” still today some time like private manifestations and others like dogs events are carried out sportswomen, with release of certify to you vocational. The main role now of the Whippet is that one of runner: frequently they have place, in Great Britain, in the large ones cinodroms, like for the most large Greyhounds, race classified to the Whippets.

In some regions of the North, they then carry out race special exclusively for dogs of this race and that miners get passionate in particular way and the hand-workers of those zones which take part numerous is like owners of dogs in lists, it is like spectators. With the same pride with which the great gentleman it makes to run the just pure equine blood to the Derby, therefore the most modest miner brings to the Whippeting its dog trained for along time with passionate cure and patient. The contest is carried out on straight, long tracks approximately 300 meters, on ash, or on fine grass

Currently the departure happens with the mechanical system of the “trap” that it is opened without warning. Until little some time ago, instead, these departures constituted of for himself one show. An important personage entered in fact in scene: “the slipper”. These, taken to the concurrent dog under the neck with a hand and the base of the tail with the other, had the task launch the Whippet that, resumed contact with the ground, began the race with phenomenal jolts, sometimes beyond the four meters of length. Better the dog came “thrown” from the slipper greater it was the advantage for the rest of the race. On the final found the owner of the dog that with shouts called it waving the handkerchief.

On the origins, it is known that it probably comes down from the Greyhound crossed with the Fox, subsequently with the Bull and - it is said also with Italian grey hound. They go back to approximately a century make; the acknowledgment from part of the Kennel Club happened around 1900. Outside of England it is diffused in the U.S.A. and everywhere, considered a likeable one, attractive dog from company. In its general appearance it denotes power of wonderfully balanced muscles and force joined to great elegance and grace of lines.

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